Never be late for afternoon tea

with our mother nature powered sundial


Inspired by Iconic Landmarks

transform your outdoor living space, with our iron gazebos


Give your lawn edges a touch of magic

with our wide range of fun lawn edging


Time to snuggle up outdoors

with our range of iron fire pits


Picture Trellis

Say bye to boring bare walls...

The Iron Garden

Welcome to the secret hideaway of the iron garden. Discover our family run company and our garden products, hand made in England. Designed to stand the test of time, season after season, year after year.

garden gazebo

Garden Gazebos

Inspired by some of the world’s greatest landmarks, our architecturally designed garden gazebos, shall transform your outdoor living space.

nautical themed iron fire pit

Fire Pits

Gather around the fire and watch the stars. Available in a wide choice of colours, our iron fire pits are the must have, for outdoor entertaining.

iron picture trellis

Garden Picture Trellis

Featuring 2 designs and available in a choice of colours. Our picture trellis will support your climbers in summer and brighten those cold walls in winter.

garden trellis

Garden Trellis

Who said trellis can’t be fun? Available in a wide range of colours, our iron trellis offers a fun alternative to high maintenance, wooden trellis panels.

garden sundial

Garden Sundial

Never be late for afternoon tea, with our beautiful Sundial. With the option to personalise and available in a choice of colours, our garden sundial will mean you never lose track of the time during the day.

law edging

Lawn Edging

Available in a choice of designs, including Hedgehogs, Chickens and Ducks. Our range of lawn edging shall offer a fun, quirky alternative to the norm.

How it all began….

Raising two boys, I couldn’t wait until summer arrived and they could play outside. The garden has played an important part, of our family home for many years. Even as a little girl I can remember playing outside, with our Boxer Dog meme. And now seeing my boys grow, it is lovely to see them embracing their garden as part of their home, rather than a patch of grass.

Hence The Iron Garden… with many years’ experience in iron fabrication, we want to create long standing, quality iron structures and essentials for the garden that will stand the test of time. That can with stand a family gathering under the iron gazebo and around an open fire, on a later summers evening.

Our goal is to take those essential garden structures and add our twist of iron and quality, to offer products that match our family lifestyle… fun, trustworthy and embrace quality time. So please feel free to browse our website and take a look, at our iron gazebos, fire pits and garden essentials.

If you have a question, we are always on hand to help and you can contact our showroom on 01485 542516 (where my son Harry, or husband Stephen can take your call). Or why not send us an email to, where we will all be happy to help.