About The Iron Garden

It’s about family time!

As a family we know all about time outside and the joys of being out in the garden. From picnics in the shed on a rainy day, too playing “what’s the time mister wolf” on a warm summers hazy day.

That is why a lot of love goes into all our products, as we know the importance of time outside as a family and enjoying the fun and games, that can take place within the sanctuary of a gardens borders.

It Starts and Ends with us!

With hand crafting our garden work from start to finish, we get to control all aspects of the process from order to delivery. Meaning all our items are made in Britain, from British iron and raw materials. But are ordered, made and delivered with our exceptional standards in mind, every step of the way.

But we didn’t start in the garden! Our story starts over a decade ago, with Amanda and Stephen venturing into the world of iron beds. Overtime the business grew and so did their knowledge or manufacturing with iron. So in 2016 an idea was born, to venture out into the garden, creating beautiful garden sculptures, canopy’s, trellises and other garden must haves.

With our own workshop located near the beautiful, royal coastline of North Norfolk. We not only manufacture our wide range of garden and bedroom products. But can also offer a personalized bespoke service too, from alterations to current products or personalised one off items of iron craft work.

It’s all in the detail… and fine touches…

Our love of iron started way back when, when iron had its own age! But it wasn’t till recently we really understood, the beauty and diversity in this strong, robust raw material.

We imagine a row of Victorian terraces and we can easily imagine the beautifully hand crafted railings, the lamps post housing humbly the lights of the streets! But we may also imagine the beautiful gardens, with lion head iron benches and tables for a spot of afternoon tea.

And it is this image we must respect, the fine level of detail and personal touches in all our products. That is why all our products are available in a choice of powder coated finishes, that will give your iron work protection from the elements and a beautiful depth of colour.  But not only that, all our hand crafted items come, with a brass plaque personalized uniquely to you.

A little bit of after care is need… but we all need a pamper now and then!

All our products are made from British iron and just like any other material, left out doors to the elements, they require a little tender loving care! But not as much as you think… As all our products are given a powder coat finish, including our fabulous raw metal finish, as this is given a clear powder lacquer.

If you have ever dropped a bag of flour, you will know how it can get everywhere! And that is why we choose to powder coat our items! As this fine powder, can cover every surface of our iron work, giving our garden sculptures, trellis and essential the protection they need. As once set, an enamel like finish, coats your garden items and offers a hardy and durable layer of protection from the elements.

But we do recommended the odd touch, up here and there if accidents happen! Just to protect the damaged areas… Or why not call our showroom and book your items in for a re-coat? Just call us on 01485 542516 or email us at service@theirongarden.co.uk.