It’s that time of year where the nights are drawing out and the sunny days, are starting to tempt us outside and into our gardens. However, with the risk of frost and cold weather still on the radar. We take a look at what we can do, out in the garden during February

clematis jackmanil


Cut back old foliage from ornamental grasses, to within a few centimetres from the ground and cut shrubs such as Cornus and Salix down to the ground.

Towards the end of the month, you can prune your summer-flowering Clematis. To prune Clematis, remove any fragile stems, cutting back to reveal healthy bud. But avoid over pruning, as this may stunt the growth and early flowering of your clematis. For a guide on how to prune your Clematis, visit Thompson & Morgan by clicking here.

Trim filtering heathers and remove any old foliage, from shrubs, plants and winter pansies.

Now is also a great time to move deciduous trees or shrubs. But make sure the ground isn’t frozen or water logged.

If you have apple and pear trees, now is the time to give them a quick prune. Along with pruning back current bushes, such as blackcurrants, gooseberries and redcurrents.

Getting fruity…

One of all our favourites, now is the time to start planting your raspberry canes. If you’re thinking of growing gooseberries this year, now is also the perfect time to get them in the ground (but ensure the ground isn’t frozen and cover with a good layer of mulch).

Speaking of mulch, now cover the base of fruit trees with well-rotted manure or good quality compost, ensuring you do not create a mound up around the trunk.

planting raspberry canes

In the veg patch…

Although not one of Harry’s favourites, now’s a great time to plant new rhubarb crowns and force older plants for an early crop.

Start preparing your vegetable seed beds, by forking in lots of well-rotted manure and removing all weeds. To warm your soil and prepare for Spring, give a light water and cover with black plastics sheers.

From indoors… in the warm.

Now is the time to start planning and preparing for the work ahead. Plan your vegetable patch and remember to rotate your crops.

Start planning your outdoor living areas also, taking into consideration for what ground work needs to be done.

With a spot of horticultural retail therapy, order your plug plants, seeds, flowering bulbs. Now is also a great time to order onion sets and asparagus crowns, ready for planting out in the winter.

The odd bits and bobs…

If you haven’t already got one, now is a great time to install water butts. With Spring showers ahead, it would be ashamed to let all the water go to waste.

Keep bird feeders stocked and hang out fat balls, to attach birds to your garden. Not only are they fun to watch, they shall also help keep pests away.

oak barrel water butt