Spring is getting closer and although in past years, we have seen frosts and snow fall during March… it never seems to last long. So, what to do out in your garden during March.

Out in the garden…

With little pruning left to do, now you should be focusing on brining your garden back to life.

Now is the prime time to plant perennials and divide established perennial plants.  If any of your plants need support, now is the time to do so, as adding support afterwards can be difficult and disrupt growth. Take a look at our wide range of garden trellis, to give a fun alterative to normal wooden trellis.

Your garden will quite possibly be hungry, so feed trees, shrubs and hedges with a slow release fertiliser and gentle fork this into the soil surface.

Plant bare root roses and work well rotted manure into the soil.

Sow hardy annuals directly into the soil and flower seed in the greenhouse, ready for planting out in June.

In the veg patch…

Start sowing your vegetable seeds in the greenhouse and plant out your onions and garlics. If your soil is frozen or waterlogged, plant out in individual pots, ready to be moved outdoors later.

Keep your block plastic over your soil beds.

Towards the end of March, start planting your chitted potatoes outside. If your ground is of poor quality, why not grow your potatoes inside a tower of old tyres? You can keep adding a tyre at a time, for the optimum depth required.

growing tires in potatoes

From indoors… in the warm.

Now is great time to order your plug plants, ready for planting towards the end of the month or if the cold spell is over.

Start sorting your seeds, in order of planting and into two categories (greenhouse or outside).

Start thinking about your Spring outdoor living and what needs to be done, to maximise your entertaining space.

david austin bare root rose

Getting fruity…

Plant apple and cherry trees in sunny, sheltered spots and mix well rotted manure, around the roots with good quality compost.

Plat out more raspberry canes and feed your blueberry bushes with ericaceous plant fertiliser.

Cover strawberries with a cloche, to encourage early fruiting. Protect blossom on fruit trees with fleece and plant out stone fruit trees.

Start sowing tomato seeds in your greenhouse and stagger your sowing, so they don’t fruit at the same time.

apple blossom

The odd bits and bobs…

Our gazebos offer a great entertaining space for your outdoor living, but require a hard surface to rest on. Now is the perfect time to start installing foundations for structures, or supports for your plants. Doing this now will have the least disruption on your garden and will give the ground time to recover for Spring.

As long as the ground isn’t frozen or waterlogged, start laying the foundations for paths and patios. Clearing away rubble, debris and relocating any plants or shrubs.

Top up any raised beds with good quality top soil and mix in well-rotted manure. Buy fresh compost and top up your compost bins and stock up with slow releasing fertilisers.